Frequently Asked Questions

Do aluminium gutters ever need painting - internally or externally?

No - not unless you want to. Whereas some aluminium gutter contractors use a material which is coated on just one side, our aluminium gutters are powder coated both inside and out. You can overpaint if you wish (perhaps if you fancy a change of colour), but it will not enhance properties of the material any more than if you leave it unpainted.

What happens to the corners where there is a joint?

Joints in our aluminium gutters are sealed with a high grade sealant. This sealant will remain watertight for 15 - 20 years. When it does need replacing, the sealant literally pulls off, allowing a new coat of sealant to be applied. Each joint is a five minute job.

Are the fall pipes made of aluminium too?

We provide fall pipes in two materials - high grade plastic and powder coated cast aluminium. For the vast majority of domestic gutters we recommend using our high grade plastic fall pipes. It's important to remember that fall pipes "funnel" water rather than "carry" it so really our high quality plastic is ideal for most circumstances.

Our cast aluminium fall pipes mimic the look of cast iron both in appearance and in the design of the brackets and fittings. We often use cast aluminium on listed buildings or sites with specific architectural relevance. However our cast aluminium down pipes do come in at roughly three times the price of plastic, making plastic the preferred choice for most people.

Can I put a ladder up against the aluminium gutters?

Yes you can. Brackets are positioned every 450mm to ensure the gutters remain rigid.

If aluminium gutters are maintenance-free, do we still need to clean them out?

Yes. Maintenance-free aluminium gutters only need "maintenance" every 15 - 20 years - and that's an easy job. However aluminium gutters are still at risk of blockages from leaves and other light weight materials blowing around in the air. If the building is close to a lot of trees, we recommend cleaning out your gutters at least once a year.

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